Our mission:

As we live in an energy competitive era, where the energy demand increases daily, the role of energy saving becomes more crucial. Electricity production and consumption cause environmental damage and it is highly essential to strive for electricity reduction.

It is our pleasure to introduce to you ULTRA- the World‘s 1st new technology for saving power by improving current without dropping voltage. In other words, ULTRA is patented product developed to be safer and more effective of power saving through current improvement, which leads to reduction of the CO2 emissions and lower electricity bills.

Some of the competative advantages of ULTRA are the product‘s small volume size, the reasonable selling price, superior energy savings and a high R.O.I. As we live in the age of turbulence, Ultra helps businesses improve their profits and therefor their competiveness.

This product is being sold in more than 50 countries and was acknowledged not only by Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL) but also by China Power Ministry CNAS(ilac-MRA), Ghana Volta River Authority, Iran Power Minstry and The Philippines’ Department of Energy. Furthermore ULTRA has acquired postive results from conducted test in TUV Austria and TGM Austria.

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